We have the pleasure of working with a network of the most incredible club leaders. These students are organizing their peers, finding creative ways to help homeless youth, and inspiring us every day with their dedication to create a better world.

To celebrate all this hard work we’re awarding college scholarships to the most active, creative, inspiring club leaders in the network.


  • Two $500 scholarships
  • Awarded each year to outstanding Gotta Have Sole Club leaders
  • Scholarships go to pay for tuition and fees for higher education

Club leaders will be judged based on the following criteria:

Demonstrated Leadership – the club leader has displayed outstanding leadership skills in their club and as they represent Gotta Have Sole in the community.

Creativity – the club leader thinks outside the box. They’ve found fun and creative ways to get other students, teachers, and the community involved in the club.

Turns passion into action – the club leader does more than talk the talk. They’re active in the Gotta Have Sole community and have made a positive impact on the lives of homeless youth.

Sustainability – the club leader has established a foundation from which the group can continue for many years to come. The club has enough resources to run and if the leader is graduating, there’s a clear plan for who will lead the club next.


If you already run a Gotta Have Sole club, please check back in May 2016 for the scholarship application.

Or start a club today and become eligible for the club scholarship!