Schools and Organizations

Gotta Have Sole Foundation invites students in middle and high schools, colleges and universities throughout the US to run Gotta Have Sole clubs. Students run fundraisers to support the purchase of new footwear for children in a homeless shelter in their community.


1. Wheeler School                                                                                                          Providence, RI- Upper School students formed the first Gotta Have Sole Club in 2013, serving homeless children at Crossroads Family Center! Lower School collected 25 pairs of shoes, decorated 50 cards, made and donated 300 bracelets for us to include with our footwear donations, Entire school participated in school-wide shoe drive to benefit people devastated by Oklahoma tornadoes, and participated in the first Mary C. Wheeler Founder’s Day at our headquarters, getting footwear socks and cards ready for over 400 homeless children!

2. St. Rose of Lima School                                                                                            Warwick, RI- Families and faculty sorted 1100 pairs of shoes, decorated 100 cards, and donated 100 pairs of new sneakers and 100 pairs of socks.

3. YMCA                                                                                                                                   Cranston RI- Children decorated over 100 cards

4. Lincoln School                                                                                                                  Middle School students organized a school-wide sock drive, collecting over 1,000 pairs of new socks.

5. Girl Scouts of RI- Troop 156                                                                                  Cranston, RI- Collected new socks and sneakers for children in local RI shelters, filled footwear orders and is partnering with another RI Gotta Have Sole Club!


1. Bolton High School                                                                                                         Bolton, CT- Started Gotta Have Sole Club in 2013- fundraisers to support footwear purchases for Tri-Town Shelter in Hartford, CT.

2. North Mianus School                                                                                                         Riverside, CT- Students held a sock drive, collecting over 500 pairs, and made 35 personalized cards.


1. Kevin Hurley Middle School                                                                                            Seekonk, MA- Students support us continuously, having decorated hundreds of cards and collecting over 150 pairs of new socks!

2. Martinson Elementary School                                                                                     Marshfield, MA- Students held a shoe drive where they collected 64 pairs of new shoes.

3. John F. Kennedy Memorial School                                                                                                   Franklin, MA- Students held shoe and sock drives, collecting 300 pairs of socks and over 100 pairs of new shoes.

4. St. Joseph’s School                                                                                                         Natick, MA- raised $2,000 to support footwear purchases for 3 shelters near their community.

5. Rashi School                                                                                                                        Dedham, MA- Raised over $2,600 to support homeless children in their community, and held sock and shoelace drives, donating 500 pairs of socks and 50 pairs of decorated shoelaces.

6. Stoneleigh-Burnham School                                                                                               Greenfield, MA- Started the Stomeleigh-Burnham Gotta Have Sole Club in 2015 to serve homeless children in their area.


Chapin High School                                                                                                                    Chapin, SC- Started the Chapin High School Gotta Have Sole Club in 2015 to support homeless children in their area.                                                                                                                     


Poly Prep School
Donated $1,200 to support homeless children in their communities.


1. Clearwater Central Catholic High School                                                                                   Clearwater, FL- Started the Clearwater Gotta Have Sole Club in 2015 to support homeless children in their area.

2. Saint Joseph Catholic School                                                                                              Palm Bay, FL- The students collected 54 pairs of new sneakers and made nearly 200 cards with messages of hope to include with the footwear we donate.