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Updates from one of our Scholarship Winners!

We were so happy to receive the following letter from one of our previous Gotta Have Sole Scholarship winners! We wanted to share this story with you so you can see the amazing impact and leadership that our Scholarship Winners display! 

"I was one of the lucky recipients of your Gotta Have Sole Scholarship this last year. My school year at the University of Minnesota has just finished, and I wanted to reach out to you to thank you for the great blessing your scholarship has been. I have grown so much this last year, and have had the opportunity to find one of my greatest passions in the health care field as a certified nurse aide and as a translator at a Spanish speaking clinic in Minneapolis. Additionally, after volunteering this last semester in a dual immersion grade school in a Spanish classroom, I have found that I love working with kids more than anything else. 

Your organization sees the beautiful light children have within them, and I hope to follow in your passion's footsteps by serving them as a pediatrician one day.

Thank you again so much for the scholarship, and I wish you and the people you serve all the best." 



Thank You!.png
Amanda Ashton