Gotta Have Sole


Decorate a Card


We include a personalized card with each pair of shoes. Decorate a card for a child right now, either online or by hand.

Decorate a card and write a personalized message online. We will print your card and hand-deliver it to the next child who recieves shoes.
You can also print out our template. Decorate a card by hand right now or invite some friends over for a card decoration party!
Already in a club? Get your team moving on your next activity.
Meet up, have fun, and change lives for local children in need.
Shoes wear out fast. Self-esteem shouldn't wear out with them.

More ways to get involved...

For just $20, you can change a child's life today.
Turn your miles into shoes, self-esteem, and inspiration for homeless youth.
Invite friends and neighbors to step up for children in your community.