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Why Shoes?

Why Shoes?

Shoes are more than a basic need.

For homeless kids, walking in worn-out shoes, hand-me-downs, or simply shoes that don’t fit is all too common.
Worn out shoes can too easily make kids feel like they don’t fit in at school. They can injure feet and hurt self-esteem. They can make kids feel less than.
We provide homeless kids with brand new shoes to help them feel confident, comfortable, and special.

A small step that changes lives.

Happier feet means happier kids Having good footwear reduces stress, prevents injuries, and improves mood.
Better for play Good footwear is essential for kids to participate in after-school sports and fun at recess.
New shoes feel special Having a cool new pair of shoes just for them makes kids feel valued. And every kid deserves that feeling.
Small investment, big impact For just the cost of a new pair of shoes, you can change how a child feels, inside and out, every day.
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Our impact so far.

62,000+ kids
Across all 50 states
200+ shelters

Our work has reached over 62,000 homeless kids in every state in the country, providing over 65,000 pairs of shoes and counting. But it goes well beyond the shoes. We are driven to leave every child with more than a pair of shoes—to leave them feeling inspired, confident, and loved.
Personalized cards Each pair of shoes is delivered with a personalized card, decorated and written by a volunteer, so every kid knows the shoes were picked out especially for them.
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Near-Peer Leaders Our work is driven by young leaders through Gotta Have Sole® Clubs within their own communities. This gives the kids we support role models closer to their own age and background. It helps to bridge the gap between homeless and non-homeless youth and builds a more cohesive community.
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Stronger community, stronger selves We develop deep relationships with every shelter we work with and the families that call them home. And we work with our clubs and shelter staff to provide new opportunities for kids so that they can discover all they are capable of through extracurricular sports, community projects, and individual tutoring.
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My last shoes used to be my older sister's. They hurt my feet. My new shoes are green. Green's my favorite.
Lily, age 6
My friends always get new clothes and shoes and I never did. But now I can show them mine. I feel like a regular kid.
Ricky, age 11
I love my new shoes. Now I can play at recess and run so fast.
Amelia, age 9
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