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Gotta Have Sole® Clubs are a chance for young leaders to support their less-advantaged peers, build lasting friendships, and change lives.

From shoe drives to after-school programs and beyond, our clubs are changing lives all across the country.
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Meet up, have fun, and change lives for local children in need.
Shoes wear out fast. Self-esteem shouldn't wear out with them.

Start a club in three simple steps.

That’s it. The first step. You have to decide to do it. Decide that you want to...
  • be a leader
  • help your less-advantaged peers.
  • improve your community.
  • improve your leadership skills.
  • improve your communication skills.
  • change lives.
Sign up.
Fill out the registration form and we’ll send you everything you need to get started.

Get to work.
Get some friends and classmates together and dive in. The ideal size for each club is 5 to 10 members—so spread the word, assemble your team, and we'll help you get started.

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More ways to get involved...

For just $20, you can change a child's life today.
Each new pair of shoes is delivered with a special hand-written note on a decorated card.
Invite friends and neighbors to step up for children in your community.