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Complete the form below to become a Gotta Have Sole College Ambassador. We will review your application and reach out to you directly for next steps.

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The curriculum that our College Ambassadors will implement will take place one day a week over the course of six consecutive weeks. Can you commit to six consecutive weeks? *
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The time commitment each week is 3 hours, 2 at the shelter to run the program and to clean up, and approximately 1/2 hour for travel to and from your college or university. The time will depend on the shelter, but will most often be from 3:30-6:00PM
Do you see the problem of homelessness everyday? Or is it something you’re trying to learn more about?
A Gotta Have Sole Club is also a great opportunity to develop skills in leadership, communication, and beyond. What skills do you want to improve?
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Emergency Contact Phone
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In applying to be a College Ambassador for the Gotta Have Sole Foundation, you agree to the specific terms of this position. This includes:
Resume and 2 letters of recommendation must be uploaded as part of this application. Please email them to
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